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What is the most profitable essence in the catering industry?


Exposure of the development trend of the catering industry in 2021


There is an old saying that people regard food as their heaven, which shows the importance of the catering industry in our country. However, despite the vast market volume, it also contains huge industry competition. As ordinary entrepreneurs, how can we find a path that suits us to get rich? Exposure of the development trend of the catering industry in 2021! The following catering industry projects will be able to generate huge income!


Mini programs in the catering industry + small portions brand building


Compared with large bowls of dishes, small bowls of dishes with relatively fewer portions but more diversified varieties have gradually become the development trend of the catering industry. Here, a correct grasp of this point will be able to bring rich returns to entrepreneurs in the catering industry.


Scientific practice of "mini programs in the catering industry and brand building of small servings" is an important and effective way to achieve this. On the one hand, through the creation of mini programs for catering businesses, we can reduce the constraints and commissions imposed by the takeaway platform on ourselves. While reducing costs, we can bring more affordable products to our customers and form a good user reputation and repurchase rate.


On the other hand, the creation of mini programs in the catering industry can also enhance brand tonality, improve the better practice of marketing strategies in the catering industry, and achieve brand reputation building, laying a solid foundation for further store openings in the later period.


Catering industry management system + central kitchen cooking package

The rise of the takeaway market has brought orders worth more than 100 billion yuan across China. Here, after the completion of the pre-brand establishment, we can also use the "catering industry management system + central kitchen cooking package" to grasp the advantages of the upstream supply chain and promote better development and development of ourselves.


In between, the establishment of a management system for the catering industry is particularly important. With more intelligent and convenient attributes, it can not only effectively achieve better management of brand customers, product orders, product inventory, etc., but also promote sales and distribution and further brand promotion, and maximize business Those who bring huge brand revenue.


According to incomplete statistics, the cost of manpower and other aspects of catering brands that use the catering industry management system for store management is lower than about 30% of that of non-such methods.


As an important part of people's livelihood, no matter what era or country you live in, the catering industry is a sunrise industry that has always been in a position of "sun never setting". Here, the correct use of "mini-programs innovation in the catering industry" and "catering industry management system" in a scientific way can not only effectively improve the efficiency of brand operations, but also greatly reduce costs and enhance its competitiveness in the catering industry. , Lay the foundation for achieving better income generation.


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