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The opportunity for merchants in Hangzhou to use the mini program to call directly

Ms. Zhang from Hangzhou, has been operating an e-commerce platform for many years. In the era of digital information technology, most poorly managed stores have closed down due to natural disasters. The most obvious one is the merchants in Hangzhou. Hangzhou is a city where e-commerce gathers. It has many platforms and companies. Of course, Ms. Zhang is also one of the operators. After experiencing the disaster of the epidemic and carrying out various store activities, we were able to survive this major reshuffle.

Nowadays, the social economy is gradually returning to the normal rhythm. How to promote their stores and attract consumers is the most urgent need of stores. Ms. Zhang has carried out many promotions, tail sales, full reduction and other activities, but no obvious effect has been achieved.

When she was unable to do anything, Ms. Zhang stumbled upon the promotion of the mini program. The epidemic prevention code is now a must-have in daily life. Except for children and the elderly, everyone needs to show the epidemic prevention code in the mini program for review by the staff. According to statistics, mini programs have occupied the most frequent usage rate in the past two years.

When Ms. Zhang conducts online search for relevant information on mini programs, is the first to bear the brunt. As a giant in the e-commerce industry, plans to launch it in 2019. In 2020, the JD Mini Program will be developed online, and major merchants are sincerely invited to settle in. The JD Mini Program Mall and multiple APP platforms were openly released, covering many scenes such as home appliances, digital, clothing, education, sports, mothers and babies. The free JD applet is also used by well-known brands such as China Telecom and Burger King. It can be seen that the applet has a strong modularity and is very easy to develop and maintain.

The production process of JD Mini Programs is very simplified. Unlike traditional e-commerce platforms, there is no high promotion cost. It is a brand-new way of attracting traffic and a breakthrough point for new users. As for how to apply for registration of the JD Mini Program, the method is very simple. First download the JD Mini Program, register the Mini Program account, and scan the code in the Mini Program through your own JD Store. Complete a series of registrations and wait for the review. The review period does not exceed 5 days, and you will be able to see the results.

Merchants can manage the mini program, and the transaction funds completed in the mini program will be returned to the platform, just like in the platform, and the platform will eventually settle the transaction to the merchant. After binding WeChat, click the publish button, and it's successful.

For shopping, the mini program will not have any messy advertisements, and there will be no pop-up windows, which gives consumers a more intuitive experience. If the design and layout of the mini program are more refined, it will undoubtedly attract more consumers, increase exposure and store activity. Catering to the rhythm of the times, the operation of incubating small programs may be able to seize good opportunities when the economy recovers.

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