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Talking about the ANTTONE development and operation process to achieve a significant increase in user conversion rate

The smooth user experience and convenient way have captured a lot of hearts for the ANTTONE applet, and its grounded development and production has also added a lot of points to it, and it has made the applet favored by many companies. While attracting more users, it is also necessary to understand the operation of the applet to keep the usage stable.

1. ANTTONE Mini Program Production Process

With the simplification of the production method of small programs, online development can be easily completed through the ANTTONE small program source code or template source code. For example: the small program we usually see is to use the official development tool to create the relevant project information of the small program after registering the account ID. At this stage, we can preview the production effect in real time through the simulator in the tool, so as to make timely adjustments. . The most important thing in the production is the use of the logic of the development language JavaScript, under which the code files of the applet can construct the required content of the applet, and the applet can be transformed.

Using templates to make small programs is much more concise than the above-mentioned methods. Multiple pages and sections of small programs can be quickly completed through template development tools, even if the code is simple, it can be easily completed.

2. How to apply for registration and download the ANTTONE Mini Program

At the moment when the value of small programs is gradually becoming more prominent, application installation does not need to be downloaded. Users only need to scan or run in the background to open the application, which greatly improves its operating efficiency. And its registration is relatively simple. You can activate the applet by registering an account, and select the type of the applet to run the main body, and distinguish the needs of different users, and then you can generate a unique exclusive applet after completion. However, it cannot be used directly after production and registration. It often needs to be set with other configurations, such as: the mini program enters the homepage, picture display and text content, and the free ANTONE mini program gives a certain degree of activity to these functional configurations. , To provide users with better technical services.

3. ANTTONE Mini Program Mall

Of course, although the mini program can achieve the establishment of multiple sections and maintenance and management, but to keep users active in the ANTTONE mini program, it is necessary to implement some activities to continuously attract users to participate. The ANTTONE Mini Program Mall has merchandise on the shelves and operation and maintenance, using this method to promote different content and ways to attract users; and the Mini Program, as an Internet application, has a low transaction cost and convenient operation method that is enough to attract attention and allow traffic to convert coverage. Larger, so that the cooperation between the two can continue for a long time, and realize the situation of information transformation and win-win cooperation.

All in all, the low cost and configuration of the ANTTONE mini program can make users feel its convenient service, and the high coverage will help to narrow the distance between Internet information services and user needs, making it more potential and unlimited in future development.


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