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The QQ mini program is so hot, where is the next group ecological hotspot?

Speaking of small programs, the first thing that everyone thinks of is the WeChat mini program. Remember that when the WeChat mini program first came out, it caused a wide range of hot discussions. This method that does not require downloading and can be used at any time breaks the limitations of the APP terminal. Up to now, it still occupies an important position and is favored by many individuals and businesses.
But behind the popular development of WeChat applets, people seem to have forgotten its best brother-QQ. As one of the most mainstream communication tools in China, QQ is used by more than 800 million people every month, covering a large number of young people. Its commercial value and group traffic far exceed expectations. Therefore, the QQ mini program is developing at a rapid rate and has received great attention.

So next, I will answer a few questions about price comparison.

How to apply for registration for QQ mini program? At present, the QQ mini program is open to every merchant. Except for prohibited categories, you can register and make it through simple applications, and you can successfully register after obtaining permission.

Is the QQ mini program production process complicated? Compared with the development of APP software, the production process of small programs is not complicated. You only need to think clearly about the appeals and requirements and inform the technical developers, and then cooperate with the pre-investigation and post-testing to complete the production.

Is it difficult to develop QQ mini program online? The online development of QQ mini program requires a certain computer foundation. Now there are many professional development teams to help businesses develop online QQ applets. If you have simple computer programming knowledge, you can use existing tutorials for development. The whole process does not take too long to complete.

After solving the above possible problems, a brand new QQ mini program can appear in front of you. In the QQ mini program mall, you can continue to improve and optimize the BUG that appears.

The QQ mini program is still in the development stage, but in the face of the huge traffic that QQ brings to merchants, we can believe that the QQ mini program will develop rapidly in the near future and become a group ecology that goes hand in hand with the WeChat applet.

So if you haven't developed a QQ mini program yet or are still waiting, take action immediately. The free QQ mini program will be the next industry outlet, and there is now a QQ cold start support plan, which provides initial exposure resources based on special recommendations, group tags, rankings and other mechanisms to find different targeted users for different types of applets .

In the future application open platform, how will the QQ mini program develop? It is worth looking forward to each of us.

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