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The TikTok mini program hits hotly, helping users to benefit easily


Short videos appear more and more frequently. In particular, TikTok short videos have gradually changed the entertainment habits of many users. Among them, the application of TikTok mini programs can help enterprises or individuals increase business traffic and promote their drainage. What is going on here? Next, let's learn about the TikTok applet together!

I believe that many people have found a lot of interesting things in the process of using the TikTok short video. Sometimes some users will choose to download the TikTok applet for their personal needs or hobbies. Some users will care about how the TikTok mini program mall is opened. . First, the user needs to choose to log in on the homepage of the official website of the platform related to the applet, and register a platform account for the developer of the applet. When creating a mini program for the first time, you need to fill in the company's relevant information and information. After the review is completed, you can submit relevant qualifications to improve and optimize the mini program.

It is very simple to open the TikTok Mini Program Mall, and some free TikTok Mini Programs are also loved by many users.

However, the online development of TikTok mini programs requires a certain ability to support, and finding a professional applet development company will get twice the result with half the effort. In the process of developing the TikTok applet, the first step is to apply for a developer account on the ByteDance developer platform. This step requires a business license or company information. Register a login account. After the account is registered, the system will automatically prompt to apply for the mini program. Create a small program, enter the developer platform again, log in to the corresponding account, click [Enter developer platform], click Submit personal or corporate qualifications, and submit license information. After selecting a suitable industry solution on the official website of the app, submit an order, and it can be published after the review is completed, and users can search for mini programs.

In the process of displaying the content of the TikTok short video, some TikTok applets will also be pushed at the same time. What is the production process of the TikTok applets? Take the process of a company’s production program as an example, enter the operation background of the applet-click on the light application applet-click to replace more templates-find the corresponding industry applet in the industry selection-replace, after this operation, you are satisfied The small program is completed.

There are so many benefits of the TikTok mini program, and many people are eager to try it. However, according to the investigation, many people are still standing still. It turns out that they stopped at the registration application step. How to apply for registration for the TikTok Mini Program? Are there any requirements? In fact, these operations are not that complicated. After entering the official website, click the login button and enter the phone number and verification code at the same time to log in. If the user is applying for the first time, you can first set the user name and log in to the background. Click the Create button, confirm the name of the applet, select the user agreement, and save the applet to complete the application. Next, you can continue to click on the subject authentication, select the enterprise developer operation process, which requires the administrator's ID/name, business license and other information, and wait for the audit notification result after filling in.

  As a popular short video application, TikTok has significant traffic, and it is also a good choice to understand the applet of TikTok. I hope that it will help more users realize revenue.


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