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Customer service system function introduction: which one is better?

How to build a customer service system?


The importance and necessity of a customer service system that can automatically respond to daily problems and deal with targeted problems in a timely manner is becoming increasingly prominent in today's trend of online-driven services. So, what exactly is a customer service system? Which customer service system is better? How should we build a customer service system?


1. What is a customer service system?


The customer service system is a concrete product embedded in the company's website or small program that solves or feeds back customer problems. It combines the establishment of daily problem database with automatic response and manual intervention to answer questions and solve problems encountered in the product purchase process for customers.


The specific access operation process is as follows:


1. Login: After binding the account, you can open the customer service function; the customer service staff who have been bound can use the mobile app to enter "Scan" and scan the QR code to log in to the customer service account.


2. After logging in, you can see the users who are talking to the official account, and you can choose to access the conversation.


3. Switch customer service status: Click on the online status, you can choose online status, away status or logout.


4. Receive messages:


Manual access: After the customer service staff is online, click to access to manually access the dialog to be answered in the "to be accessed" list.


Automatic access: When there are too many conversations to be accessed, you can enable automatic access in the settings/access settings.


Re-access: Log out, or the conversation exceeds half an hour, you need to re-access to activate the conversation.


5. Send messages: For the conversations that have been connected, the customer service staff can chat with fans within 48 hours.


Normal reply: The customer service staff can send text, emoticons, pictures, screenshots, and other types of messages in the dialog box.


Quick reply: You can use the pre-edited text content in the quick reply to reply.


2. Which customer service system is better?


With the further development of the industry, the customer service systems on the market are becoming more and more diverse, each with its own bright spots, and they are all good choices. However, this is only a performance at the basic level. If you want to truly fit your own business in depth, you also need to negotiate with the customer service system construction company to customize and develop your own customer service system.

3. How to build a customer service system?


There are two ways to build a customer service system. One is for companies with its own technical department, which can conduct internal R&D and construction; the other is to place an order with a three-party customer service system construction company to conduct exclusive customer service systems that conform to their own company’s business processes. Chemical development.


In addition, if there is no technical staff and the budget is low, you can also directly rent or purchase a ready-made customer service system and make adjustments.

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