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How much is a scan code ordering system? How to scan codes and place orders through the applet?

The QR code ordering system can not only effectively reduce store management costs, but also increase its comprehensive operation rate, and lay the hardware foundation for further expansion in the future. Based on the ecosystem of mini programs, you can also make full use of the huge traffic of the platform itself to carry out marketing activities and realize the expansion of store users.


So, what is the market price of the scanning code ordering system with such a broad and moving application scenario, especially the embedded mini program? In the actual operation of the scene, how should we proceed?


1. How much is a scan code ordering system?


According to different development methods, the scanning code ordering system can be divided into two types: applying templates for two-opening and tailor-made development.


The former takes less time and is easy to operate. Generally, it can be delivered within a week after the order is placed, and the price is relatively cheap, with an average of about 3,000 yuan. Everything has advantages and disadvantages. The two-open scanning code ordering system using templates can sometimes be difficult to match the actual business of the merchant, and the conversion is inconvenient, causing some problems. It is for this reason that most businesses generally do not choose to apply a template for two-open mode when the budget is sufficient.


The latter is time-consuming and difficult to operate. It requires the software company to start from the merchant's demand document, step by step to model, and finally customize the scanning code ordering system that belongs to their business according to their needs. This model requires a lot of human resources, so the price is also high, generally around 8,000 yuan, if the function is complicated, the price will be even higher. However, it is more popular than the former because of its more flexible and more suitable features for business needs.


2. How to scan the code and place an order through the applet?


Compared with technical issues such as "How to develop a scanning code ordering system?" or marketing issues such as marketing promotion such as "scanning code ordering", the difficulty coefficient of how to scan code ordering through a small program is almost close to No, it is easier for customers to accept. It can be roughly divided into the following three steps:


① Open the mobile phone and go to the app scan, scan the QR code generated by the QR code ordering system applet that the merchant has customized in the software company, open the established applet interface, and select the dishes you need.


②After confirming that it is correct, confirm the payment and complete the settlement.


③The backstage of the QR code ordering applet will automatically generate the "Meal QR Code", and the waiter will complete the interaction with the back kitchen based on this information, and accurately present the dishes on the customer's table.


On the whole, the scanning code ordering system can effectively avoid the problem of customer payment management statistics, which not only saves costs, but also benefits the scale effect of the store and lays a solid foundation for future expansion.

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