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What are the channels for promotion and customer acquisition? How does social software promote customer acquisition?

How to drain the applet?


In this information Internet era where content is secondary and traffic is king, "mini program promotion", "mini program acquisition", "software promotion", and "software acquisition" have become the focus of the attention of the majority of operators, and derived from this. A series of "customer acquisition promotion platform", "promotion acquisition model", "promotion acquisition channel" and other matrices with different effects have caused quite a stir in the industry!


Quantity is not an advantage. Accuracy, science and efficiency are our ultimate goals. So in these complex promotion and customer acquisition models, which ones should we choose as our basic business strategy? After reading this article carefully, you will gain a different way of attracting customers and win better development.


1. What are the channels for promotion and customer acquisition?


① Bidding advertisement


After the target customers search for relevant content, they actively click on browsers (such as Baidu browser, 360 browser, Sogou browser, etc.) to bid for advertisements. Because of the initiative of the behavior, the channel has a good conversion rate, which is a good choice for entrepreneurs who start late in the stage and have no traffic.


②Information flow advertising


Information flow advertisements appear in news, audio-visual, and social software, instead of active searches by netizens, but passive pop-ups. Because of the softer strategy of information flow advertising, under the premise of high-quality creativity, it can have a good conversion effect.


2. How does social software promote customer acquisition?

①Social media proliferation


Social media diffusion promotion methods often use the basics of welfare activities to achieve point-to-face coverage. In terms of specific implementation methods, it can be roughly divided into red envelope fission, preferential shopping, and group purchase price fission.


②Internal conversion method


The internal transformation method refers to the diversion of different products within the enterprise to the established APP. The rationalization of these methods depends on the company's ability to acquire customers based on the previous lightweight model and then make a secondary conversion to the target APP according to the way of operation.


3. How to divert traffic from mini programs?


① Offline and online docking


In terms of mini program traffic, the online and offline docking is often overlooked by Internet operators, but in fact, the traffic generated by offline code scanning is not a lot. For example, in the catering industry, you can achieve further fission of online terminal traffic through offline discount activities, scan code joining, etc.


②Short video live streaming


At present, because of the basic trend of the development of the times, live video broadcasting has become the first choice for the majority of young users to kill time nowadays, with a huge user base and traffic. Here, it is a very good choice for merchants to attract users' attention and registration by embedding small programs on live broadcast pages.

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