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Enterprise marketing plan: Ali global marketing plan + small program marketing component

A good corporate marketing plan is better than millions of financing. In 2021, when the industry is more competitive, how should we conduct marketing to achieve better and more effective results? Ali's global marketing program + mini program marketing component has become the choice of the majority of business owners!


1. What is Ali's global marketing plan?


In general, Alibaba's global marketing is based on consumer operations as the core concept to provide brands with new marketing solutions that are full data, full link, full media, and full channel. The main features are as follows:


①Unified Data: With a unique consumer identification system based on Uni ID, it can open up all behavioral data in the ecosystem and accumulate the basic value reached by the crowd.


②Unified Consumer Relationship Journey: On the entire marketing relationship link from cognition, interest, purchase to loyalty, as long as consumers have acted on any platform of Alibaba, they will leave traces.


③Unified Touch Point: A omni-media matrix of important consumer touchpoints such as Alibaba's entertainment, shopping, social networking, and mobile travel, as well as cooperative media resources, can seamlessly connect with global marketing products.


④Unified Channel (Unified Channel): Through in-depth online and offline cooperation, create a system that connects services, products, commodities, and members, and uses omni-channel operations realized by data.


2. What is a mini program marketing component?


According to the contact method, the mini program marketing component is mainly divided into two parts: "online application" and "offline promotion":


①Online application


Official advertising space


In this regard, it mainly covers "keyword promotion and search ads", "nearby mini-program ads", "public account article content ads", "wallet entry page ads", etc., which can receive gift packages, good things recommendation, soft article embedding, and sharing by talents through newcomers In order to achieve a good, concrete online reverse flow effect of retaining old customers and acquiring new customers.


②Offline marketing


Mini Program Promotion Code


In addition to online promotion and operation activities, the mini program promotion code is also the main way for the majority of business owners to obtain customers. In this way, the managers set different parameters for the mini program, realize the statistics of customer acquisition by channels, evaluate the performance problems of the promoters, and realize the closed-loop management of the whole process.


With the development of the times, online + offline marketing methods have increasingly become the core competitiveness of enterprises. Here, it is a rare and efficient way to be good at using "Alibaba Global Marketing Component + Mini Program Marketing Component" to create a closed loop of marketing-driven development of the entire ecological link.


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